Go! Go!! Durango!! Was founded around 2012 by Thomas “Thozes” Meeuwis, when his former band Thozes seized to exist. It became a project that by default seemed to be in hibernation mode. He still wrote songs, and recorded them from time to time with producer Tim van Doorn, and even played the occasional gig. But he spent most of his time playing in other peoples’ bands. He starred in a theater production called “Woodstock the Story”, and played in a fair amount of tribute bands.

And then Covid hit! All of a sudden, there was nothing but spare time, so he scraped together the last of his savings, and started putting together all of the recordings he had made in his spare time the last decade.

Those recordings were sent to Dave Menkehorst, who did a hell of a job mixing them, and Wessel Oltheten mastered those mixes. Arjan De Vreede (DJ DNA of Urban Dance Squad and Dancing Dollekamp fame) was willing to contribute to and mix “Forward” the instrumental piece that opens the album. 

Bearded Punk (Acoustic) records agreed to release the record, and Rootstown Bookings offered to take care of the bookings. 

And here we are. The first Go! Go!! Durango!!! Record will see the light of day on October 23rd.